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Gym Ball Exercises You Can Do To Lose Weight

Gym Ball Exercises You Can Do To Lose Weight
By []Albert Lee

Gym balls come in different sizes to fit your exercise regimens. There are small ones that you can easily manipulate. The larger ones are perfect for some flexibility and balance exercises.

There are also different materials for the gym ball but they are most commonly manufactured in rubber foam or plastic. Thus, people who use gym ball in exercises are advised to forego with sharp objects so as not to pierce the equipment.

If you are all out to lose weight and become fit, then make sure that you maximize the use of your gym ball. Do exercises that will help you do exactly what you want.

1. Sit Around

The gym ball is a perfect companion for beginners. It can be used when you are simply playing around or sitting around in the gym. You can practice with the simple moves to stretch some muscles.

Sitting around with the ball may sound very ordinary. However, since doing so will not be easy, it will surely challenge your body.

2. Twists and Crunches

Gym ball exercises can also focus on abdominal training. You can use the ball to maintain a posture as you proceed with your bends and movements.

The gym ball also encourages a lot of muscle movement when you include this in your twists and crunches. A lot of action will take place as you learn to manage your ball with your gym exercises.

With the gym ball, crunches will exercise even more the muscles in your midsection. The leg muscles are also challenged at the same time.

3. Do the Pushups

You can also do pushups with your gym ball. You can use a smaller gym ball. Put it in your hands as you proceed in a pushup stance. Performing the pushup with the gym ball will definitely give a good work out to your upper body.

Doing the pushups with the gym ball is definitely more difficult. However, this will surely help you develop faster what you want to achieve.

4. Bicep Curls

The gym ball can also be used as you do your bicep curls. You can sit on the ball as you proceed with the normal curls. You will have more efficiency in the routine that you will do.


Using the gym ball in your fitness exercises is one sure way to achieve your goals. So to lose weight and have fun with it at the same time, make sure to have the gym ball as your companion.

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