Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yoga Exercise Ball - 3 Benefits of Using a Yoga Exercise Ball

Yoga Exercise Ball - 3 Benefits of Using a Yoga Exercise Ball
By []Mary Jane Dempsey

Do you use yoga to help you get fit? If you do have you considered using a yoga exercise ball to help with your poses. In fact this piece of equipment is not only useful to those who already doing yoga regularly but for those who are only just starting to use it. For those who do yoga on a regular basis will find that helps to make the yoga exercises more of a challenge.

So what are the benefits to be gained from using a yoga exercise ball?

1. This piece of equipment forces you to use the stabilizer muscles within your body more. That in turn results in your balance and stability being improved and so putting yourself in to certain yoga poses becomes a lot easier.

2. With normal pieces of fitness equipment only certain muscles groups are being used at any one time. This unfortunately results in just your body using the major muscles whilst the much smaller ones which can be beneficial to your health are beginning to waste away.

3. By not having a solid surface to place your body on to when exercising every single fiber in your muscles is being made to work. Overtime you will begin to notice that the look overall tone and look of your body becomes more balanced. Also you will find that not only do you start to look good you feel great as well.

So as you can see from above when using a yoga exercise ball not only are you using more muscles, but the way you exercise is a lot safer for them. This form of exercise equipment is one that doesn't place high levels of stress on to these areas of your body as other fitness equipment does.

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