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Swiss Ball - Why Use It?

Swiss Ball - Why Use It?
By []Joshua Panebianco

The Swiss ball, or also known as the fitness ball is considered to be one of the latest innovations in the fitness industry. Actually, a fitness ball can help in improving a person's strength, endurance, core stability, and posture. Emotionally speaking, an exercise ball can also improve a person's body awareness.

At first, it is normal to feel unstable the as your core muscles become stabilized, you will feel more stable. Core muscles are those located in the abdomen and at the back. Regular use of the fitness ball will help in making your muscles stabilized and will also improve the muscles' strength and endurance.

Actually, there are numerous workouts that can be done on a fitness ball. To give you more information, here are some do's and don'ts on a fitness ball workout.


In order to help you in maintaining your balance, you should focus on a fixed point.

Ensure that before you work out, there is enough space for you to move about.

When working out, take normal and controlled breaths.

When you are trying on a difficult phase, try to exhale and during an easy phase, you should inhale.

Make sure that you are able to control your movements.

Before beginning your fitness ball workouts, you should do a warm up exercise first.

Once you are finished working out, perform stretching exercises.


Never try combining exercises such as bouncing with bending and twisting and rotating the spine while you are on the Swiss ball.

Never continue if you start to lose your posture Instead, reposition yourself first.

If you feel that something hurts in your body while you are exercising, stop the exercise.

Never hold your breath if you are exercising.

Using the Swiss ball is not very hard and the exercises done are also easy. There are certain exercises which can be done at the fitness ball such as to improve balance, increase flexibility, and improve strength.

Generally, the Swiss ball is a great tool to stay physically fit. What's more convenient is that you can do it at the comfort of your home.

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