Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Fitness Ball Workout For Busy People

A Fitness Ball Workout For Busy People
By []Albert Lee

If you have many things to do at the office, many reports to finish, and many accounts and deals to close, you can find it more and more difficult to keep healthy and live right. You may have time to control your diet, and you can have time to relax and sleep during the weekends, but can you spare a few hours for a workout?

Going to the gym is understandably a hassle: you need to pay high gym joining fees, engage in workouts that strain your muscles more than tone them, and spend hours on boring machines that make exercise more a trial than an enjoyment.

A fitness ball workout, on the other hand, can put more verve in your workout. You need not even go to the gym to engage in a fitness ball workout: all you need to buy is a stability ball, a fitness ball workout manual, and a few hours off your day, and you can do your fitness ball workout right at your office or in your living room.

A fitness ball workout, moreover, allows you to do away with the hard wooden or concrete floor of the gym, which can wear out the soles of your gym shoes and strain your back with the impact of the floor on it.

If you are interested in engaging in a fitness ball workout, you may need to consult with your chiropractor or orthopedist first. A fitness ball workout lessens floor impact by allowing you to concentrate on flexing and moving your muscles more; this same fitness ball workout can stretch your muscles and make you over exert them without the proper training and supervision.

An orthopedist can recommend exercises to add to your fitness ball workout that will not strain your back or exacerbate any existing diseases or medical conditions that you might have.

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