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Getting in Shape With Pilates Exercise Balls

Getting in Shape With Pilates Exercise Balls
By []Adrian Harvey

Anyone who's been to the gym will find a familiar sight in those colorful balls which may easily look like accessory workout gadgets. In reality, these casual-looking balls are anything but accessory. They are actually are capable of sculpting your body when used with the right moves and the right positions. In fact, these balls are major tools incorporated into Pilates routines and it's nearly impossible to imagine a gym and workout program without them.

These gadgets are technically known as Swiss Balls and have been around for decades before being recently resurrected in the public eye. Big or small, they are powerful enough to create a significant improvement in one's muscle tone and general state of health. Basically, a Swiss Ball works by pushing its user to find his point of perfect balance and, in the process, targeting the muscles. While it sounds perfectly easy to do, those who've tried it will attest to how great it is as a challenge.

Although they don't count as Pilates equipment, these balls have been relied upon by individuals seeking to cultivate their core stability which is, of course, a fundamental Pilates principle. Instructors usually come up with a program where traditional routines are integrated with those requiring the stability-enhancing abilities of the ball. This combination works out all the muscles but employs a more specialized approach to develop the abdominal group.

Some people consider themselves unlucky after ending up with injuries and vowing never to try Pilates again. This is one perfect example of just how important a Swiss ball might be to first-timers. Also known as the Pilates exercise ball, the tool also works to improve an individual's flexibility which is crucial to his tendency for injury during the exercise.

If you've been thinking of joining an actual class but couldn't find time for one, you can use an instructional DVD at home while trying to imbibe the Pilates principles. Along the way, you will realize just how powerful they are when it comes to improving your health and keeping fit. Those who are new to the routines can always use a stability ball to improve their flexibility before proceeding with the more difficult moves. This is definitely important to ensure a smooth experience with the exercise.

First-timer or old timer, you're going to need []Pilates ball exercises to maximize the benefits you get from the exercise.

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