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Ab Coaster Vs Swiss Stability Ball - Which is Better For You?

Ab Coaster Vs Swiss Stability Ball - Which is Better For You?
By []John Davenport

It's often difficult to decide which abdominal fitness equipment is right for you. In this article I want to compare two products, the Ab Coaster and the stability ball (also known as a Swiss ball). These products couldn't be more different yet they're supposed to do the same thing, give you a great abdominal workout. So, which one is better for you?


There's no doubt that the first major difference is in price. The Ab Coaster home version costs about $400 while you can get a decent stability ball for under $30. So, you need to see whether you can even afford the AbCoaster at all.

Portability and Storage

You can't fold away the AbCoaster or store it under the bed or in the closet. It takes up a lot of space around the house. You need to make sure you can fit it in. A stability ball is portable as it weighs next to nothing. However, when it's inflated, you can put it under a bed or into a closet (unless it's a deep one). There is no doubt that the stability ball is easier to handle than the AbCoaster.

Type of exercises

The AbCoaster basically helps you to do one thing: a variation of the hanging leg raise exercise. This is actually an excellent stomach exercise and you can get a great workout by doing this one exercise alone. On the stability ball you can do a multitude of exercises making it the more versatile equipment of the two but it's difficult to emulate the hanging leg raise.

You can use the two together as they do complement each other but this is a question of price and space. Therefore, take your time, weigh your options, and make sure to do your workouts when you're done.

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