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3 Stability Ball Exercises

3 Stability Ball Exercises
By []John Davenport

Doing exercises on a stability ball is a great way to tone those muscles. The really great thing about a stability ball is that you can do these exercises at home.

Here are 3 Stability Ball Exercises

#1 - The almighty sit-up

There are probably millions of sit-ups being down all over the world each and every day. But most of them are completely useless. This is because the classic sit-up is a low intensity exercise which doesn't really get you real results.

But if you combine the sit-up with a stability ball and you got yourself an ab busting, six pack popping exercise. And you can do it at home.

Here how it goes:


Put your hands at both sides of your head and take your elbows as far back as possible (it'll make the sit-up harder). Lie on the stability ball with it positioned against your lower back. Maintain both feet on the floor.


Raise your upper body until it's in a 45 degree position. Make sure to keep your eyes focused on the ceiling and your neck straight.

Note: many people do this exercise wrong by raising their upper body too much off the floor. This is a mistake, because anything about 45 degrees and you're no longer working your abs at all.

#2 - The Hip Extension

This exercise is for the hips and buttocks. And just so you know, even men do it.

Start: Lie on the floor with both feet propped up on the stability ball. Make sure both legs are straight and steady.

Finish: Lift your hips off the floor while maintaining position on the ball with both your feet. Feel the strain in your hips and buttocks. Hold for a few seconds and return to start position.

#3 - The Incline Oblique Curl

This is an excellent abs stability ball exercise, working the oblique stomach muscles.

Start: Lie back down on the ball at an incline angle, so your buttocks are slightly off the ground and your upper body is at a 45 degree angle to the ground. A good way to get to this position easily is to lie flat on the ball with both feet on the ground and slowly roll your upper body down towards your feet, until your buttocks are halfway to the ground. Hold both hands at the side of your head. Make sure not to exert any pressure on your neck.

Finish: Flex your abs muscles forward without shifting your lower body. At the end of the movement curl your upper body to one side. Resume start position and repeat for the other side.

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