Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exercise Balls - Low Tech Gym Equipment For Everyone

Exercise Balls - Low Tech Gym Equipment For Everyone
By []Mary Jane Dempsey

The first exercise ball was invented by a group of Swiss therapists hence the alternative name Swiss Ball. This now popular exercise equipment aids in toning and strengthening your body. People love them because they are soft and easy to manage during their workout routine.

The original use of this ball was for patient support during physical therapy sessions. They were designed out of durable latex rubber material in order to deter breaking and leakage.

The Swiss ball is made to withstand lots of weight and still keep its shape. And because they are round and soft, they are completely safe to use. If fact, they are so safe that children have been known to play with them. They are available in many colors, sizes and patterns to satisfy even the most fussy of users.

The Swiss ball was designed to strengthen muscles that aren't always used. If you have back pain, the ball can assist with pain relief. With the simplest movements, you can restore mobility to your back muscles over time.

If want to use the ball as a part of your workout regime, it works wonderfully for core training. Don't worry if you are overweight and unsure if the exercise ball is stable enough for you. There are Swiss balls that can withstand up to 600 lbs.

The exercise ball has been used for many different styles of physical training. You can use the ball for weight training, core toning, Pilates, Yoga, and more. This exercise ball has been used for sit ups, push ups, leg training, etc. It is one of the most versatile exercise equipment created today.

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