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Don't Let the Fear of Catching Germs at the Gym Keep You From Working Out

Don't Let the Fear of Catchmsing Ger at the Gym Keep You From Working Out
By []Susannah Marchese

With flu season upon us many gym rats around this time of year choose to work out at home. Getting sick is no fun and for those who have fears of catching germs at their favorite workout place now find themselves doing their workouts at home. If this sounds like you, well you are not alone. And if you think your workout is going to suffer think again. There are many fitness equipment options for anyone looking to exercise at home. The best part is that many types of exercise equipment is cheap. Fitness savings under $30 is doable. Online fitness sites specializing in the home exercise equipment market are out there. The better ones also publish great informative articles on fitness in their blogs. Just look for blogs or articles on the sites.

One piece of gear that is a staple for personal trainers is the exercise ball. Also know as a fitness or stability ball. This ball can be purchased for around $25. A good exercise ball can range as high as $75, but you can do a lot with the less expensive one. Balls come in various diameters. And you can inflate the ball to your desired level. More air means less stability during exercises. Less air gives the user more stability through the exercises. The ball gives you versatility and allows you to work virtual every muscle group. Not bad for a inexpensive and dependable piece of fitness equipment.

Fitness Tip: Use the ball as a weight bench. Sit on it to perform shoulder presses or bicep curls, or walk out into a bridge position to perform lat pullovers or chest flies.

Another piece of fitness equipment are weighted dumbbells. Dumbbells also vary in weights. Some dumbbells come color-coded for ease of recognition. They are great for doing bicep and tricep curls. Most likely you've used dumbbells at your health facility, but now that you are working out at home, owning a few in various weights with a starting price again around $25 is a no brainer.

Fitness Tip: Having various weighted dumbbells allows for versatility. Use lighter ones for smaller muscle groups and heavier ones for bigger muscles.

Resistance Bands are another fitness gear that gives you some of the same benefits that dumbbells do. But with resistance bands the user has more versatility in the exercise. Bands come in various resistance levels and are easily transportable so if you go on vacation packing them into a suitcase isn't to hard. Use the bands for building muscle or losing pounds. Bands are relatively inexpensive to own and most bands can start as low $20 price tag.

Fitness Tip: For arms and balance, try standing on the band with your right foot, left foot off the ground, and holding the ends of the band in your hands. Perform hammer curls to challenge balance while toning your arms.

Improving your flexibility is one of the benefits a foam roller can give you. For under $25 foam rollers is one very effective balance and alignment tool for developing core stabilization. Rollers help myofacial release, loosening and stretching the fascia which is the connective tissue linking bones, the muscles and the organs. Foam rollers have been a favorite in Pilates studios used in a variety of training and exercises. Rollers effectively restructure the skeleton system improving ones posture.

Fitness Tip: Lie down on the roller length-wise with your head on one end, your spine aligned with the roller and your knees bent and feet on the floor. Lie with your arms straight out at your sides, palms up and arms on the floor, relaxing into the stretch for your shoulders and chest.

Working out at home is not a bad alternative to the gym. You'll still be able to work up a good sweat and avoid people who might be spreading germs around. And with the current economic funk we are in, it's a good way to save on the monthly gym fee. Look if you're committed to keeping your body in shape, you will always find a way to workout. Having a home gym just means you now have the option of staying at home if time and convenience come into play. And if you are involved with a personal trainer just remember they do house calls.

Susannah Marchese is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, and a PMA Gold Standard Certified Pilates Instructor. Her information website []Everything About Pilates features articles and exercise videos about Pilates. Susannah is also a contributing writer/consultant to []Whole Body Market an online fitness equipment site, as well as being a personal trainer at FitOrbit an online fitness site offering real personal training.

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