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Using An Exercise Ball As Your Office Chair

Using An Exercise Ball As Your Office Chair
By []Albert Lee

If you spend long hours in the office, and if you work out constantly at your desk and before your computer, then you might find that your back aches more often than usual. This may be due to the varying wrong positions that you put your body through as you churn out your reports and articles. You might also find that you are gaining weight in the most unlikely, and certainly unsightly areas, including your hips, legs, and buttocks.

You can avoid all these inconveniences by making use of an exercise ball chair. By turning your ordinary exercise ball into office equipment, you can flex your muscles, strengthen your core, and even conduct a mini-workout as you go through the daily grind. With proper use, an exercise ball chair can help you lose weight without you having to go to the gym and enroll in exercise programs that demand exorbitant joining fees. Along with a balanced diet and a good amount of relaxation, your exercise ball chair can even help you increase your resistance.

Before getting an exercise ball chair, however, you need to buy one that correctly conforms to your body size and proportions. Your thighs should be sloping slightly downwards, and should not be at a perpendicular angle to the ball. The lower slope of your thighs eases the burden on your lower back, and keeps you from straining your spine unnecessarily. The exercise ball chair, however, should not be too tall, so that you end up looking like you are leaning on your desk to keep from diving forward.

If you start using the exercise ball chair, you might find it uncomfortable to sit in for long hours at a time. Start with about an hour or less, then sit on it for longer hours as the days go by. You can also exercise on it during downtime, say when your computer is saving an especially large file, or if you have to scan your hard drives for viruses or damage. With more practice, you can make your exercise ball chair your partner in fitness.

If you are interested in purchasing one, consult with your local gym trainers and fitness centers on the feasibility of actually sitting on one for long hours each day. You may also need to pay your orthopedist or chiropractor a visit, so that you can check if your back muscles and bones are ready for using such a ball. Your hours on the exercise ball should count toward making your body better, not turning your nerves into a frazzled mass.

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