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A Stability Ball Workout For Better Legs

A Stability Ball Workout For Better Legs
By []Albert Lee

Having firm, lean legs is the dream of any man or woman. Legs can make your body look more appealing, and no amount of mere dieting can turn your legs into the limbs of your dreams. You need a good workout that targets your leg muscles. A stability ball workout can help you flex those muscles and achieve better leg muscle tone.

1. Before you begin your stability ball workout, stretch your muscles and do warm-ups. A stability ball is designed to ease the impact of the hard gym floor on your back, but it can also strain your muscles considerably if you do not engage in enough preparation. When you finish your stability ball workout, wind down with more stretching and breathing exercises to keep your muscles from getting sore.

2. Start your stability ball workout by propping the ball against a wall, then turning your back on it. Keep the back of your legs in contact with the ball. Place your hands on your hips, then slowly bend down, still keeping your body in touch with the ball. Stop bending when your knees reach a ninety degree angle. Hold this position for ten counts, then come back up. Repeat this twelve to fifteen times.

3. Continue the workout with lunges. Keep the ball propped against the wall, but this time, face it and place one foot upon it. Straighten your leg, then bend forward slowly in a lunge position. Hold your lunge for ten counts, then come back up to your original position. Repeat this lunge on your other leg, and do the routine twelve to fifteen times.

4. End your workout by lying down on the ball, with your navel against the ball apex. Place your hands flat upon the ground before you, but keep your legs straight. Slowly bend one leg inward toward the back of your thigh, then hold the position for about ten seconds. Return your leg to its original straight position, then bend the other leg. Repeat the routine for twelve to fifteen counts.

With the proper breathing, along with a balanced diet and good sleep, you can make the stability ball your companion in improving the tone and flexibility of your leg muscles. As long as you keep your back straight and your body in the right position, you can achieve the legs you want in no time.

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