Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Ultimate Swiss Ball Ab Workout

The Ultimate Swiss Ball Ab Workout
By []Eugene Soh

Swiss Ball ab workouts are mid-level exercises which allow you a greater range of motion than the usual abdominal crunch. This exercise also intensifies the tension concentrated on your oblique midsection area, as the increased need for stabilization also intensifies the activation of the muscles in your abdominals, as you do your ab workouts.

Start positioning for your ab workouts by sitting firmly on a Swiss Ball, then place your feet firmly on the floor, and then walk them slowly forward, all the while leaning back and rolling up to the point that you are comfortably lying with your back firm against the ball. Make sure that before you do the movements in your ab workouts that both of your feet are firmly planted apart at a distance of a shoulder's width, and then place your right hand at the right side of your head; then place your left hand on your right oblique midsection area.

Begin your ab workouts by slowly rolling your upper body towards your left until the outside of your left foot and the inside of your right foot are firmly touching the floor. Also, try to spread your legs so that both of your feet are slightly more than a shoulder's width apart from each other.

Start your ab workouts by crunching your chest towards the side of the hip that is facing up. While your hips are a bit twisted to the side in this position of your ab workouts, you should crunch your torso as straight as you can. Do these motions in your ab workouts until you have completed one set and then turn your lower torso to the other side, and do an equal number of repetitions with this side with the same movements and the same intensity as the ab workouts which you performed on the previous side.

Before you begin your quest towards the ultimate six-pack, you must establish a solid foundation to work on. The foundation for any workout program -whether it's targeting your whole body or targeting your abdominals solely- must start with a strong core. Most individuals fail to reach their goals because their weak core limits their overall stamina and strength.

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