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Swiss Ball Exercises - The Swiss Ball Roll Out

Swiss Ball Exercises - The Swiss Ball Roll Out
By []Enzo Vullo

Swiss ball exercises offer an inexpensive , flexible set of exercises to increase core strength. Increasing core strength has many benefits both inside and outside the sporting arena. Sporting wise, an strong core can reduce the number of injuries (primarily back) sustained and increase sporting performance by ensuring smaller, normally neglected muscles are also made stronger. Outside of the sporting arena swiss ball exercises can improve an individual's posture on a day to day basis.

An example of a one of these exercises (please note a swiss ball can also be referred to as a gym ball and a stability ball) is the swiss ball roll out. This exercise focuses on developing the abdominal or 'ab' muscles by challenging them in horizontal plane.

To execute this exercise you need to do the following.

First kneel facing the ball ensuring it is far enough away from you so that you can place the palms of your hand on it and fully extending your arms.

Next, ensuring you keep your knees in the same position and the palms of your hands on the ball, push the ball away from you so that you are extended horizontally. You should feel your ab muscles working and stretching.

Next, pulling with your stomach muscles, and keeping both the palms of your hands on the ball return to your vertical stating position.

Your aim is to repeat this process 6 to 10 time ensuring you are stabilized and all motion is smooth.

There are many other examples of swiss ball exercises, the beauty of these exercises is that they challenge the core muscles throughout the body in many different ways promoting functional fitness that can aid both amateur and professional athletes achieve their fitness goals.

Enzo Vullo

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