Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FitBall Exercise Ball Chair Review

FitBall Exercise Ball Chair Review
By []Erika Ayala

My company bought me FitBall Exercise Ball Chair 2 weeks ago for getting the most sales leads last month. Since I've been sedentary since I got out of college which is more than 4 years now, it takes awhile before it becomes comfortable for me. I started sitting on it for 3 hours and then I'll feel uncomfortable. I switch to my ordinary chair the rest of the day.

That was during the first few days that I was using the FitBall. From 3 hours, I started using for longer hours and right now, it's the only chair I use in the office. It's a great chair especially if you're working on laptop. We all know how working on a laptop can give us bad posture. When I started using this exercise ball, I noticed that my posture really improved. The people from the office even told me that I looked like I'm taller. A few of them have bought the product too last week. The office looked pretty colorful with all of those exercise balls.

What I like most about it is that the wheels that come with it are very useful. The wheels roll very smooth. When I need to go sit on another table I need to use another chair or I only need to push the exercise chair. The wheels are also very sturdy.

Another thing that the makers of this product did is that the ball that comes with the chair only has one size 55cm which is suitable for people with average height. It is a good size because even if a person is small or tall, the size of the ball will be perfect for them.

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Erika Ayala works part time for a consumer review company.

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