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Making Use Of the Exercise Ball To Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Making Use Of the Exercise Ball To Lose Weight and Stay Fit
By []Gary Holdon

Many fitness equipments come and go in the market and only a few are used regularly by customers who want to keep fit. Most of the equipments are not used by many people. Some are simple and easy to use and the cost of that equipment is also affordable. One such fitness equipment is the Exercise Ball. This is also called the gym ball or a stability ball. Many names are there for this equipment. This ball comes in various sizes. This is made up of plastic or foam rubber. Hence it is advised not to wear anything sharp that can pierce the ball. You can consult your trainer or a physical therapist to select a size of the ball for your physique.

People who want to lose weight and keep themselves fit can make use of these balls. One another way that is followed by some people is the use of the drug topamax for weight loss. This drug was meant for seizure disorders like epilepsy. This drug has its effects in making a person lose weight. That is why this is used by many people for losing weight. However this is not recommended for that purpose due to its side effects. Do not use topamax for weight loss.

It is best to use a stability ball instead to lose weight and to keep fit. You can do a variety of exercises using the stability ball. It can be used for weight training, abdominal training, sitting around, and playing around. Twists, crunches, and other exercises can be done using the stability ball. This involves a lot of muscle action and hence this keeps you fit than you think. Even just sitting on it is going to improve your physical fitness, as it is not easy to sit on it.

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